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The Hospice House

of Hampton Roads


The Hospice House of Hampton Roads will be the only waterfront, residential hospice home in the region designed and used exclusively to serve those with end-of-life illnesses and their loved ones. This $6.3 million project includes start-up costs, construction, and funds to sustain the Hospice House’s operating losses for the first year. While in-kind donations like the $500,000 value of the property, a gift from the city of Virginia Beach, certainly go a long way to enhance any project, desperately needed funds today can build and solidify the Hospice House of Hampton Roads' present and future success.


To be built on a two and one half acre lakeside property at the corner of Upton Drive and Nimmo Parkway, Hospice House of Hampton Roads is designed to maximize this serene and peaceful setting, enhancing it with Japanese and English gardens providing a refuge both in and out of doors.

Hospice House designers and architects take pride in having created a unique 16,000 square foot haven, that is much like your own home, while cleverly disguising the institutional, discreetly. While mindful and cognizant of all that is necessary and required to provide exceptional and exemplary services, they have carefully thought out the individual’s right to feel safe, protected, respected and cherished.


All 12 bedrooms will be private suites spacious enough and fully furnished, with a sleeper sofa, chest of drawers, recliner, residential lighting, private bath, and a shower. With space to accommodate a family member in this well thought out environment, suites will also boast private patios with seating to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Tile, carpet, and hardwood flooring complete the amenities, as you would want in an elegant upscale home.


Other areas in the house will include a family room with fireplace, several small gathering rooms, a kitchen and dining areas, nondenominational chapel for all to find comfort and spiritual guidance, a children’s playroom, a family laundry room, a large screened-in porch, and a serenity garden where families can congregate or meditate.


You, your family members, their friends and your loved one, if able, can visit the rose garden in season and the koi pond all year. These landscaped gardens and water features will provide an oasis for becoming one with nature as you bond closer with those in their last days savoring precious times.

The second floor will house staff offices, break and meeting space, as well as overnight accommodations for staff in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances requiring 24-hour increased staffing.


Why is this need so great?

A feasibility study conducted by an independent consultant in March 2018 projected a need for 32 inpatient beds in South Hampton Roads. At present, there are only 12 beds on a first floor assisted living facility to serve a population of 1.6 million. The need is great and becoming greater as the citizens of Hampton Roads age. Hospice House’s 12 beds will give South Hampton Roads 24, still not enough available end-of-life beds, but a beginning. As one family member said recently, “My brother was dying and the hospital was going to discharge him, but there was no hospice bed available, and he couldn’t go home because there was no one there and he had no money.” He passed away alone and waiting, the day he was to be discharged.


How will Hospice House be sustained?

The majority of revenue will come from reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. However, there is a gap between the cost of services and reimbursements. Community philanthropic support will be needed to bridge that gap.


How do I pay for services?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers will pay the cost of hospice services, and Hospice House of Hampton Roads will accept all need-based patients to the greatest extent possible with each admission specific to that patient.

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